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 Benji Ventures Corporation "The Poop Tent is brilliant."
The Chicago Tribune
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 When your dog has got to go, Protect him from the rain and snow. A Poop Tent is what you should buy, To keep your puppy clean and dry.
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 - Veterinarian Testimonials

"I can honestly attest that I and my clients would benefit from the Poop Tent, and I will recommend it to dog owners."

"It is nearly impossible to get some dogs to go outside in the rain and snow. If they had a temporary shelter, I believe the dogs would be as willing to go out in inclement weather as they are on pleasant days. And when the bad weather clears, this product would be easy to collapse and store until it is needed again."

"There are medical benefits to this product. It will benefit dogs that have foot bandages that need to stay dry. I have changed many bandages prematurely due to the dog getting the bandages wet, thus creating additional medical costs for the owner."

"It is my experience and belief that pet owners would buy a Poop Tent for their dogs."

Sheryl Fuller, BS, DVM
Sacramento, CA

"The invention of a “poop tent” will be a great addition to pet products."

"I can’t tell you how many times I have heard my clients complain that their little dog will “not” go outside in the rain or snow to urinate or defecate. This portable tent will keep the grass dry, and free of snow or rain."

"The little dogs hate to get their feet wet, and this will be a great alternative. I think they will love it."

Melanie L. Smith, DVM
Alexandria, VA

"The Poop Tent has been a lifesaver. Our 15-year-old dachshund never wanted to go outside in the rain or snow. With the Poop Tent, our dog is protected from the elements, so she goes quickly and we all come back inside warmer and drier. And as an added bonus, we no longer have to shovel a spot on the grass for her to go when it snows!"
Rita S.
St. Louis, MO

"I must admit that I was skeptical at first. I didn't think my dog would use the Poop Tent, but to my surprise she welcomes the shelter and dry grass on rainy and snowy days. The Poop Tent has been a real godsend."
Brian L. Rhoads
Alexandria, VA
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